Beyond PCI Compliance: Building a Comprehensive Information Security Program


Smart organizations understand that a strong information security policy can give them a competitive advantage for addressing PCI compliance requirements. By going beyond the minimum requirements and focusing on a broader security program, they can not only respond to and mitigate potential data security breaches and cyber security attacks, but also serve customers more efficiently and improve their bottom line.

This maps well to Regents & Parks philosophy, too. We advocate a “security approach to compliance” instead of a “compliance approach to security,” because it’s critical to have a strategy that’s scalable, sustainable, and is backed by a culture that values information security throughout the organization. This can help reduce the risk of breach and damage to your brand reputation, and help you manage your costs and resources.

Compliance and Strategic Risk Management. PCI Compliance Solutions and Financial Risk. Cyber security threats and Security Awareness Training. Compliance Services by Mandate and A changing regulatory environment. Evolving governance landscapes. In today’s unpredictable and highly competitive business environment, it’s important to take a holistic view of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) — while focusing not only on the risks that can threaten value, but also the risks that an enterprise can take to create value. To do this, leaders should consider embedding a thoughtful awareness of risk and compliance into the very fabric of the organization. People, processes and technology should all work together to help the enterprise stay in control of the risks it chooses to take. Learn more about this practice.

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