Non PCI Services

Policy and Procedure   Sales Pre-packaged Policies and Procedures for most industries.   Examples   include:

  • Payment Card Industry – PCI
  • Sarbanes Oxley – SOX
  • SSAE16 (prev. SAS 70)
  • ISO 27001


GRC   Software Selection & Implementation Services

GRC software can be a confusing industry, even when using   research such as Gartner. From work paper management through continuous   monitoring solutions with built in data analytics the options are numerous. Regents   & Park can clear up the confusion and help select the right package to   address your problem statement. GRC solutions should not be a burden but be a   business benefit.>>Learn   More

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)   for IT Controls

Sarbanes Oxley IT requirements are still with us. Now we have   PCI, ISO, State and Federal audits and new regulations coming down the road.
At Regents & Park we help stream line all those requirements into one   simple to manage IT Risk Management program. With reuse of testing and   controls documentation you can save time and money. More importantly you can   redirect resources back into the key operations of the company.>> Learn   More

SSAE 16 Development   (prev SAS 70)

Avoid your customers using their ‘right to audit’ clause.   Promote your company with a set of controls that will benefit your compliant   state. Looking to enhance your company’s marketability or are you an ASP   wanting to be taken seriously. All these reasons make for a compelling   argument to have a SSAE 16.
Regents & Park has experience in creating, documenting and managing the   SSAE 16 program.>> Learn   More

Policy & Procedure   Development

SAS 70, Sarbanes Oxley or PCI, Regents & Park can develop   your IT policies and procedures from scratch or by using best practices to   save time and effort. We have a complete set of policies and procedures for   most companies and industries. Development time can be between 2 and 5 days   with additional time for custom procedures.
Regents & Park’s methodology is designed to ensure a comprehensive   examination of an organization’s specific business, IT and regulatory   requirements.>> Learn   More
Sales Force Security Services

As the business world becomes ever more interconnected, effective and efficient security throughout the enterprise is a strategic necessity. In the past, security focused principally on protection of data. In today’s digital world, security needs are much broader, driven by the realities of interconnected businesses operating in an environment of pervasive computing. Security will continue to play a greater role in nearly every aspect of technology-centric organizations.